The game is being developed by a small, self-funded independent team. By staying 100% independent the team retains full creative control on the project and can even choose to take unconventional approaches to game design if they so wish.

Petri Häkkinen has been programming since the 80s and making games as a hobbyist and as a professional for 25 years. Petri is in charge of programming, game design and writing the story for Druidstone. He is an avid tabletop gamer since he started running D&D for his friends in his childhood. Petri is best known as the designer & programmer of Legend of Grimrock games.

Juho Salila is the art director of the team. Juho’s skill are highly varied as he is the master of traditional and digital techniques ranging from oilpainting and scale modeling to digital sculpting and texturing. Juho’s work can be seen throughout Grimrock games as he was in charge of the graphics and designed and modeled most of the creatures and environmental assets in those games. Juho’s tasks are varied as he models all the creatures and environments of Druidstone and is also designing sound effects and helping Petri to develop the story of Druidstone.

Jyri Leppänen is an animator extraordinaire. His efficiency and work ethics are second to none and he is single-handedly responsible for all the animations of the creatures you will meet in Druidstone. Previously Jyri created creature animations for Legend of Grimrock 2.

Jussi Sammaltupa is a seasoned programmer with a passion for writing beautiful code. He writes the code for Druidstone together with Petri.

Scoring Helsinki is a group of composers based in Helsinki, Finland. You can hear their music in the biggest Hollywood movie trailers as well as in games. They will be composing the soundtrack and producing sound effects for Druidstone.

Antti Tiihonen, the lead level designer and the man behind the ambient soundtracks and sound effects of Grimrock games, is creating puzzles and sound effects for Druidstone.

Janne Sundqvist is a professional writer who as a drama consultant helps flesh out the world of Druidstone and bring its NPCs to life.

Mikko Rautalahti is a writer who’s been working in games for ages. You may have been subjected to his words in things like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, among other things. In addition to games, he’s worked in a wide variety of other mediums, including tabletop RPGs and film. In fact, he’s currently working on a novel, because of course he is. He’s outside your door right now, finger hovering over the doorbell, eager to tell you about something that will change your life. Won’t you let him in? He’s probably not there under false pretenses, after all, ha ha. Open the door. Open it. Open it now.

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