Release Date Announced – Pre-order Druidstone now!

Are you excited about Druidstone? Are you in the market for a beautifully hand-crafted game made by a small team of dedicated professionals, with the kind of turn-based gameplay that is custom-designed to tell your brain to ramp up that dopamine production? Are you a savvy customer who knows a good deal when they see it and wants to save a cool 10% on the purchase price?

Good! Then you should be pleased to know that the release of Druidstone is upon us! More specifically, Druidstone will be released in just three weeks, on May 15th and we are launching pre-orders today! That’s right, if you pre-order now you will get both a Steam key and a DRM-free standalone version with a 10% discount. You will also receive a special pre-order bonus, a free copy of a digital book, featuring concept art, behind-the-scenes information and other material from the making of Druidstone. The book will be delivered to you two weeks after the game’s release on May 31st and will be sold separately at $4.99.

To celebrate the milestone we have also released a new trailer. As we are a tiny team of just four full time developers, we don’t have the luxury of having a marketing team or even just one person dedicated to PR. In fact, all of us are busy polishing the game. That’s why we’re asking for your help. Please consider telling about Druidstone to your friends, families and on the web. We would appreciate it very much!

Petri Häkkinen



  1. Finally!
    This. Is. A. Good. Day 🙂
    Congrats, pre-ordered, warm feeling in my chest,
    nothing else to say fellas.

  2. Great news guys! I never pre-order but with you guys I can always make an exception. Looking forward to a polish, smart experience. Please think about Grimrock 3 next!

  3. Any Chance we will be able to pre-order on Steam?

  4. I just pre-ordered the game and I am looking forward to playing it. I hope it will be fun. Wish you guys success.

  5. Pre-ordered the game from you and cant wait to play it!

  6. Pre-orderd and another friend too.

    Dont forget Fairy Tale needs a rebirth…….

  7. Good luck with the release!

    A price of $25 is probably the max the current market is prepared to pay for this type of game. The trailer is good, and I would play Druidstone for its aesthetics and promising story alone. But the playing experience will depend largely on how good the combat is, which will leave a lot of gamers on the fence.

    Don’t forget, in the current market sales will be generated over a much longer time. This is a silver lining, just make sure that you adapt your business strategy accordingly. Some games need time before the word spreads.

    Looking forward to see more of Druidstone!

  8. Any plans for a GOG release? I don’t want to trigger spam filtering by including a link, but there is a GOG wishlist item on their site.


  10. Pre-orderd yesterday. Been looking forward to playing this game.

  11. Does or will Druidstone support gamepads?

  12. Pre-ordered.

    I barely buy games. Your company, or rather, band or gang is an exception.
    Being indie and old school makes you special. You do what you do for the love of it
    and not to sucker the players for extra buck for some in-game cosmetics and such.
    Thank you for that, thank you for the Grimrocks. Lookicng forward to this Game.

    • Stayed up late thinking that I’d be able to download the pre-ordered game once the timer runs out… Wanted a sneek peek.

      Oh, well… Will get it at lunch.

      Hope the launch goes smooth.

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  14. Sooo I have preordered it, lets assume I would play one month, thus Grimrock 3 at the beginning of July 2019 is confirmed, right? Because there no new decent dungeon crawlers out there and I put all my hopes on you guys.

  15. preordered the game, can’t wait to play, i loved LOG2 i have trust in you guys, the price is too low, your Games deserve more.

  16. Too late to pre-order it looks like. Bummer. Was going to buy it, even though it’s not out until later today.

  17. I preordered, paid by PayPal, got a receipt, but didn’t get a link. How do I get my keys/the game?

  18. The DRM-Free installator on HB has an error. The game can’t be instaled. I tryed it downloading couple of times with the same result.

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