Please wishlist Druidstone on Steam

Petri Häkkinen



  1. I have been following this blog since back in 2017 and have been eagerly awaiting this game!

    I have a question. Does adding a game to one’s wishlist tell Valve anything? It seems though wishlisting this game would help in some way?

    I always just bookmarked games I was interested in because I buy games using a web browser and not the Steam client, so I never felt a need for the wishlist.

    I am curious. I did not know that using the wishlist could have some sort of impact?

    • Good question! A long wishlist increases the likelyhood of getting coverage on Steam, which is very important nowadays with terribly crowded markets. Also obviously when the game is released you will get a notification about it. Other than that wishlisting gives us some indicator on what people think of our game. Long wishlist => happy developer 🙂

      • long wish list ==> potential for weekend sale price?

        I’m not cheap, just curious if the wishlist has any influence in a sale price decision?

  2. Very interesting! Thank you! So wishlisting a game is helpfull to developers! Good to know!

  3. Hello, I have a question about the editor. How many heroes can be added to the players party in custom made games?


  4. Please provide a Linux version! So disappointed that Grimrock 2 didn’t come in a Linux version, so I won’t have high hopes on this…

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