Trailer out & Steam page now open

Oh, boy! What a week! The release of the first trailer video and opening the Steam store page while juggling with press releases and PR has meant that progress on the development front has been quite erratic this week. Nonetheless, these activities are really important, for what’s a good game worth if only a few people know about it? In this time and age, it’s not uncommon for even big games with big publishers to fight for their place in the spotlight, so for small indies like us getting the word through on the right channels is crucial for success.

That’s why we’d like to ask a little help from you. Please consider wishlisting our game in Steam and telling your friends about it. The Steam page also has a full description of the game along with new screenshots.

Druidstone Editor

We are glad to announce that a very much anticipated feature, the Druidstone Editor, will be available as a post launch update. The editor will be the same tool we are using ourselves for building the missions for Druidstone. We have been amazed several times before by the quality of Grimrock mods, and with the power of the much more versatile Druidstone Editor with WYSIWYG editing capabilities at their disposal, we can’t wait to see what kind of crazy stuff the modders can accomplish this time.


There’s a saying in game development that the last 10% takes 90% of the time. There’s certainly some truth to it. As you get closer to the finish line, you began to see all sorts of warts and stuff that you have been pushing farther on your to-do list to be fixed “one day”. That’s ok, it’s better to paint the picture with broad brush strokes first. But when that day finally comes and you realize the shipping date is getting closer and closer, the to-do list can slam on your face real hard.

That’s why we have asked our very good friend, Antti Tiihonen, the main level designer of Grimrock games and a man with many talents, to help with finishing Druidstone and luckily he said yes! Everybody, say hello to Antti! Antti’s here with us for the upcoming months polishing Druidstone and adding his magic touches to the levels in the form of more puzzles, secrets and so on.

In closing, here’s the brand new trailer for you to enjoy. Now let’s get back to the grindstone!