What platforms will the game be released on?

We are currently focusing on bringing the game out on Windows. Other platforms are possible later.

When will the game be released?

We are still early in the development and we don’t want to lock ourselves to a release date yet.

What are the classes/races/skills?

We are trying out various ideas and currently it looks like the system will be classless and you can develop your main character into the direction of your choice. New abilities can be learned using a point buy system. For example, you can specialize in spells, or melee weapons in one run, or you could be the jack of all trades.

What can you tell about the tactical battle system?

Battles are fought on a two-dimensional grid and creatures can vary in size from one square to huge multi-square bosses. The battle system is tactical and turn-based so you have plenty of time to think through your options. During each battle round a creature can move up to its Movement Speed and perform an attack or use a battle tactic or special ability. You learn new abilities and tactics as you progress in the game. Managing spells and other resources wisely is the key to winning battles.

How many playable characters will there be?

The story of Druidstone is centered around you, a druid who has just been reincarnated. You will meet other characters along the way who may help you in battles… or maybe even deceive you.

Will there be puzzles?

It is possible that there will be some puzzles, but it is not the main focus of Druidstone. Instead we are concentrating on the tactical battle system, exploration and storyline.

Will there be multiplayer?

At this time, we have no plans for multiplayer.

What inspired you to make this game?

Most modern computer RPGs today have dropped the grid and have a semi-realtime battle system, which we think reduces the tactical aspect of combat. Instead we harken back to golden days of RPGs with grids and turn-based combat. We look for inspiration in several games such as Pool of Radiance and the other Gold Box games, roguelikes (especially ADOM), XCOM, FTL, Ultima series and Final Fantasy games (especially those released on the PS1).

What happened to Almost Human?

Druidstone is developed by Ctrl Alt Ninja, who share many people from Almost Human. Almost Human is still alive but no new games are currently being developed. It is possible that Almost Human returns with another game some day, but meanwhile the Ctrl Alt Ninja team is fully focused on Druidstone. Technically we are a different studio (the ownership and structure of the companies are different). Think of us like members of a band who enjoy this so much that we have a dual membership in another band.

What can I do to help?

Glad you asked! Please spread the word about Druidstone. You could start by telling your friends on Facebook, Twitter and gaming forums. We are a small team and we don’t have any marketing people, so any help is much appreciated! Thank you!

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