Druidstone reaches alpha!

We are glad to announce that Druidstone has just reached alpha milestone! Alpha in our terminology means that the game can now be played from the beginning to the end and all major features have been implemented. Sure, there are some rough corners and the fat and variety is still missing (more equipment, abilities and the like) but the main campaign is now there. It’s always a special moment to play through a game in development for the first time, and our very own Juho has been fully occupied with that tasks for the past days. Luckily, he encountered only three crashes (which have been fixed already) and a game breaker which caused all equipped items to get lost in the middle of the campaign (oops!).

Next week we are going to regroup, go through the feedback gathered during the alpha test and form a battle plan how to get Druidstone to beta. We suspect the TODO-list is going to be rather hefty, but this is normal and nothing to worry about. 🙂

To celebrate the milestone, below is a new screenshot from the alpha build, featuring Niederdorf Manor, an important location with a darker mood. The level is still missing beta level polish, but it already brings a nice variety to the wilderness and dungeon locations, don’t you think?

Petri Häkkinen



  1. Looks great. I really hope there will be an editor included like with Grimrock.



  2. I’m really impressed with the work you all have been able to do! I can’t wait until I’m able to help test for bugs in a beta or something. I wish you all the best, even though you clearly don’t need it!

  3. Cant wait to play
    And next Game y make a Game like Wizardry 7 🙂

  4. Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get into this world!

  5. I will definitely buy this game when it is released. Wish you luck and finances from this project because I feel you have potential to make good games. Well the others do as well – I am currently playing Pillars 2 Deadfire, and It is amazing….

  6. Looking absolutely gorgeous! The feeling I have looking at that screenshot reminds me of D2 in its hay day. Boy is that a good feeling.

  7. Can’t wait to try it! Cheers up!

  8. Absolutely breathtaking. Simply wow.

  9. Could you please create a Steam page for the game? I’d love to wishlist it.

  10. Nobody noticed the numbers on the pictures?

  11. Looks good!

    I’m going to buy it as soon as it released on Steam. I assume you are going to put it on steam before you release it? To gain some hype?

    I trust you guys 🙂

    Cannot wait to get stuck on level 2 !

  12. Awesome news cant wait fr this game, i hope we get a nice boxed edition with extras.

  13. I really like what I’ve seen / heard of this game so far. I understand that the main player character is going to be a druid, but I’m hoping there will still be a significant amount of customization options available to build & role-play my druid how I want. Have there been any previous updates that delved into mechanics and character building? If not that’s something I’d be interested in reading about.

  14. Great news! This is currently one of the few games I’m looking forward to getting to play. But no rush! I’m going to play this on launch day, so I hope there will be no need to emergency-patch any serious bugs shortly thereafter 🙂

    I enjoyed finishing both LoGs multiple times, so I wish this one will also have some replayability, maybe trying different skill sets etc. in different playthroughs.

  15. Excited for this game! Approximately how many hours of game-play will this provide?

  16. Hi! The game will be built on puzzles like a LoG ? Love LoG so much, thanks you guys for good times.

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